The Mobile Hazmat Ground Kit enables the responding hazmat team to have a portable, self-contained and easy to setup, static grounding and bonding kit containing the necessary components to help dissipate the electrostatic charges to "ground".

Accidents such as fuel tanker rollovers create many problems for Hazmat Teams. One of the key problems is the safe removal of the flammable fuel to another tanker without having a Static Electrical incident.

The "Mobile Hazmat Ground Kit" enables the responding Hazmat Team to have a complete easy to use safety sure kit, to eliminate the Static Electrical danger from the accident scene.

Don't compound an already hazardous accident scene by not having a proper Static Grounding system. Now it is available all in one rugged container.
  • Modular Ground Rods
  • Hammer for driving and removal of ground rods
  • (2) Ground cable and clamp assemblies
  • Harden plastic water tight case
Unit of Measure