Static Electricity is capable of causing many undesirable effects during powder handling operations. The types of industries affected by these problems include chemical, pharmaceutical, paints, coatings, food and beverage, and the extent of the problem ranges from small scale unreported incidents, right through to devastating explosions causing injury or fatalities, lost production through plant downtime and other financial costs to the business Stewart R. Browne provides provides engineering services to analyze static control issues, and will provide complete audits and surveys to make sure your operation is running safely.

  • In-plant training programs and site surveys to ensure proper procedures are being carried out and personnel are using prescribed techniques in the production process
  • Video tapes are available for in-house educational or safety training programs covering static grounding and ground fault protection
  • Our publication, "Grounding and Bonding Applications for Control of Static Electricity", is a helpful user guide covering the basics of dealing with static electricity in the workplace. Contact us for your free copy!
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