The G40 Series of clamps are made of cast non-sparking bronze with stainless steel points. The G40 Series clamps are used to ground tanker trucks or railcars.

The G40PM Clamp is made of bronze construction, with three stainless steel points for grounding road tankers, rail cars and barges. A quick release harness comes with this clamp.
  • Accepts 1/4" cable
  • Three stainless steel points (two on one side, one on other side)
  • Unit of Measure





    N/A Bronze

    Max. Cable Size

    N/A 1/4 in

    Used In

    N/A Barges Grounding Railcars Large Vats Tanker Trucks



    • Cast bronze construction, available with stainless steel points or brass "cup" points (for attachment to ground balls).
    • Large, rugged clamp designed for grounding railcars, tanker trucks, barges, and large vats.
    • Equipped with a quick release harness, so tension will force the clamp to release automatically if it has not been manually removed prior to vehicle departure.