• RAC with REB

    With the highest level of performance at affordable prices, Retract-A-Clamp® series of coiled static grounding and bonding cable assemblies deliver real value for operators that require reliability and operational stability while transferring flammable materials. Add to that an amazing selection of American Made cables and clamps and you’ve got a great solution for your hazardous material transfer operations.

    By coiling the raw cable and coating it with a special formulation of bright orange nylon we have been able to eliminate tangling, kinking and knotting, reduce operator effort and create a highly visible, chemical and corrosion resistant cable. The end result is a retractable cable that neatly expands when needed and contracts to its original size once tension is released.

    is the product choice for any application requiring a ground or a bond between vessels, tanks, drums, loading cars, piping, valves, etc. Stocked cable lengths range from 5 feet to 40 feet. 

    We offer a variety of hand clamps, pipe clamps and terminal lugs to fit your unique application. Various sizes, metalurigies, design styles, and approval ratings are in Stock and Ready-to-Ship. Non-standard designs are quoted upon request.

    Compliant with NFPA77
    Made in the U.S.A.

    Retract-A-Clamp® is a product of Stewart R. Browne Mfg. Co. All rights reserved.